Make a splash on the water with a dynamic, branded vinyl wrap on any of your marine crafts. Whether its advertising for your brand or business, or your much-loved marine craft requires a facelift, we have a solution for you. Make your next grand appearance with stress-free and prominent marine signage via WrapStudio.
Protect your watercraft from the sun, water, bumps and scratches. From a plain colour change through to custom design, we can cover your jetski, wakeboard, ski board or yacht.

What is wrapping and why wrap your marine craft?

  • We use large digital printers to design, print and install your branding on your marine craft
  • Wrapping your craft with vinyl gives your craft a whole new look without the stress of a new paint job
  • The vinyl wrap we use protects the paint that is already there, not to mention protection from salt and other debri you may encounter on your day out in the ocean
  • When you are ready for an updated design, our vinyl is easily removable and will leave your marine craft the same as when you brought it to us.

What sort of fleets do you wrap?
We specialise in on trend branding for your jetskis, boats, yachts, wakeboats, canoes – basically all water crafts.


Though each project is unique, we have a established a 4 step process that ensures your project is completed on time


    The first stage of working with us is to discuss the concept you have in mind for your marine signage. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Our experienced and friendly team will ask you a bunch of questions and run ideas by you to come up with a concept for your water craft which is just right for you.


    With a concept in hand, our graphic design team will start preparing the marine graphics, either working with your existing logo/brand and colour scheme, or for new businesses. We’ll ensure we match colours and give you design proofs to ensure each job is produced correctly before it goes on the vehicle.


    Once the design is approved, we will arrange the printing and bring your signage to life on your watercraft! We can do large format printing to suit all water craft and can provide these on a gloss, matte or satin finish to suit all locations and uses. We can also advise you on what the best print size and finish would be depending on its intended use.


    Our experienced team have a great eye for detail and will ensure your marine signage is installed correctly and professionally. We can install the signage on our premises where possible, or of course can come to a location convenient to you. We also have the ability to wrap a fleet of watercraft and to meet tight deadlines. Our team are also official Avery Dennison Specialist Installers meaning we have undergone specialist training giving you full assurance that we are highly skilled specialists who are committed to providing best-in-class practices in graphics applications.